Joe Wigdahl

Joe Wigdahl is an award-winning portrait, landscape and kids photographer with clients in advertising, editorial and design. He approaches what he shoots with an eye that looks for beauty in realism - whether the subjects and the settings are real or part of a fully produced shoot, he aims to give the viewer a sense that what they’re looking at is a genuine moment that was captured. His cinematic, reportage style is used to convey a sense of the dramatic and beautiful in everyday details and moments.
Joe worked professionally as an advertising photographer in Chicago from 2004 until the beginning of 2011 when he moved to Sydney, Australia. He now calls Sydney home and shoots on productions in Australia and around the world. He has worked on a broad range of projects from global advertising campaigns with huge budgets and productions to the smallest reportage project with just a bag and the most essential gear. He has also worked alongside film and TVC productions to produce images to be used for major campaigns in digital and print media.
Very few of Joe’s images that you will see on this site have been retouched with the exception of tweaks in contrast and color. Joe began working as a photographer in the old days of film and even though he’s a digital shooter now, he’s a firm believer in getting as much in-camera as possible. His personal philosophy: spending a little extra time getting something right in-camera beats the extra costs and time required to have a picture heavily retouched in post any day. In cases where a project or image necessitates retouching or compositing to meet the client’s needs, Joe incorporates his experience and understanding of exposure, lens distortion, perspective and multiple-plate-composition into the image capturing process. His ability to collaborate with and meet the needs of retouchers and digital compositors has created successful images time and time again.