Anisa Sabet

Anisa Sabet


Anisa crafts images that are immersive and emotive. Her passion for connecting with the viewer, sharing with them a taste or sense of a moment, are what lead her to diving deep into image creation. Her images tell thought-evoking stories which she achieves through her unique lighting, colour mixing and shadow play. In producing her art she has drawn people around her who feel connected to her work and to her personally.

Initially beginning her photography career in the fast paced music scene, Anisa simultaneously excelled at her construction management degree. She is one of the first female graduates to complete the degree, and continues to hold her Class A Builders Licence to this day. Spending 7 years as a successful construction manager, in both corporate and government infrastructure, she developed strong commercial acumen. This success lead to extensive travel, propelling her to return to her artistic passion. She has since been integral to projects as an art director, photographer, stylist, lighting director and photography educator.

Anisa is a focused and talented photographer who's skills have been honed through a true love of capturing life through photography. This love has seen her travel the world, camera in hand capturing life. Her capture has focused on spaces, people and the things that they enjoy together. Whether it be Nonna's kitchen or the mosh pit of Coachella, Anisa dives in head first.

Her creativity and her innate ability to capture emotions and memories is what has made Anisa's images highly desired by clients all around the world. She relishes the collaborative approach to campaigns and thrives in the development of complex briefs. Equally, even with the simplest of briefs, Anisa has the ability to capture the clients vision.

A personal love of food has been something Anisa has allowed to intersect with her professional career with gorgeous results. Her imagery is impactful and has been widely used by brands to communicate quality and flavour. She is so respected in this space that her culinary focused photography retreats sell out instantly and attract fans from across the globe.

Working with Anisa is a simple and effective process that you will find refreshing and motivating. Her understanding of campaign objectives creates commercial outcomes and consistently delivers world class campaigns: “Its the collaborative process I enjoy most. Getting to understand the client’s vision and turning that into something real is what I love. When that process alerts them to future possibilities and opportunities, it is really rewarding."