Peter Sharp

Peter Sharp


Peter Sharp was captured by the art of photography at the age of 13, when his grandfather gave him his first camera. Many years later, he made the decision to pursue photography as his full time career.

Over the following years he took a few detours on his road to becoming a professional photographer. First with a turn into the music world, working in a recording studio whilst studying to be an audio engineer, and then travelling the world working for a number of well-known Australian musicians. He then moved into a highly successful career in sales and marketing within the consumer electronics industry. After many years of working in this field, Peter made a significant career move which led him to work in the media.

Throughout all of this time, animals always featured in his life. Whilst on a month-long trip to Africa in the summer of 2015, he realised that his lifelong love of animals could translate to something more and soon after his business, Tame & Wild Studio, was born. Peter has had a longstanding relationship with the Sydney Dogs & Cats Home as both their volunteer photographer and Ambassador. This experience led him to create the book "Lost But Found" which profiles 40 special dogs that spent time at the Home and documents their adoption stories - some of the tales are confronting, some are devastatingly sad, others are uplifting and joyful, showing the best of dog- and human-kind.

Peter's patience and ability to work efficiently in a high-pressure environment is the perfect fit for photographing such unpredictable subjects.