About Network

Network Agency + Management has enjoyed over 27 years as one of Australia’s leading photography, styling and hair + make up agencies.

Network prides itself on managing a select group of highly respected, award-winning artists each with their own speciality and unique style. In addition, we also act as a stand-alone production company that can cast and produce briefs for external photographers or clients that require a producer to bring their vision to fruition.

Whether it be shooting food, still life, portraits, interiors, kids, cars, animals, lifestyle or scapes, we have experience across the board and can handle any size production from initial concept to final product.

The team of producers at Network have a unique understanding of each photographic discipline and work closely with the photographer, the agency and the client to achieve the best possible result on deadline and within budget. The team co-ordinate all production requirements and logistics on each and every shoot. From quoting and negotiation of contracts, to casting, location scouting and permits, organising lighting and equipment, booking crew and studios, sourcing props, coordinating travel and accommodation, providing delicious catering, creating detailed shoot schedules and call sheets, and managing the post-production process.

Our casting experience in particular is vast and varied. From sourcing contortionists for Zip Co, street casting real people for candid shoots such as Masterfoods and Zambrero, character casting for Sydney Opera House, or sourcing real-life families for Origin Energy, we can cast any job no matter what the brief. Our reach is far and wide.

Furthermore, we have long-standing relationships with photographic studios, graphic designers, set builders, animal handlers, and post-production houses. We also have extensive experience in producing jobs overseas - shooting for brands such as Tesco in Ireland, Sainsbury’s in the UK and Subaru in Norway, as well as working with international clients who are shooting within Australia, including Weetabix China, Panadol USA, Nikon Germany, Subaru Japan, Janssen Simponi Singapore and The Shangri La Hotel Hong Kong. We have also produced shoots within Australia for leading international magazines including Vanity Fair, Wired, Elle UK, Harpers Bazaar India, Monocle, Stylist UK, American Way, Mazda and Smithsonian Magazine.

With many countries still experiencing tough restrictions and lockdowns due to Covid-19, shooting remotely Down Under is a realistic solution for overseas clients. Following closely with our evolving Government Health guidelines and restrictions, Network Agency offers full remote solutions from pre-production to shooting and post-production - all we need is a detailed brief and we can handle the entire project from start to finish on our client’s behalf, whilst navigating and abiding by any current restrictions that may be in place. With our beautiful unique scenery, great weather, highly experienced & skilled crews and strong currency conversion, shooting remotely in Australia for overseas clients is a realistic option in the current circumstances.

As a boutique agency we have the advantage of being able to offer a dedicated and hands-on service with our commitment to every job no matter how big or small. Owner and Director Helen Seggie is highly respected with a wealth of experience in all facets of the industry. Senior Producer Adele Nemorin and Producer Maria Cruz both offer their individual skills and extensive knowledge. Sophie Penhallow rounds out the team as our Business Development and Marketing Manager.

In short, we bring your ideas to life.